Go green and save money in your pub

Posted on May 16th, 2018 in Blog, News

Sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet – it saves you money too!

Any business that serves food and drink has high energy costs, from refrigerators keeping your products fresh to air conditioning keeping your patrons comfortable.

With energy bills always on the rise, pubs that go green can reduce their overheads significantly. Not to mention appealing to eco-minded customers who do care about the planet and will appreciate you doing your bit.


Energy-efficient cooling

If your pub isn’t already insulated, installing insulation in the walls, floors and ceilings will keep out the heat in the summer and keep it in during the winter. It’s an investment that’s well worth it.

So is energy-efficient air conditioning. Choose a system from a trusted manufacturer with a high energy star rating and arrange to have it serviced by a professional several times a year. A technician will clean the filters and check the system to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency.

Just because it’s energy-efficient doesn’t mean you can go overboard on the cooling. Any lower than 20°C will cause some of your customers to feel chilly, not to mention making your A/C work harder. If you only need cooling in certain areas at certain times, set up a zoned system that lets you control each room independently.


Energy-efficient refrigeration

If you’ve got a cellar full of fridges, refrigeration will be a major contributor to your energy bills. By making a few small changes, you could shave up to 50 percent off your cooling costs.

When buying refrigerators, choose units that use a natural refrigerant such as hydrocarbon. These can cut more than a third off the energy cost compared to synthetic refrigerants, as well as being longer-lasting.

When setting up your cellar, move out any equipment that produces heat and insulate any heating pipes. Your refrigeration units should be placed in the coldest part of the room, leaving plenty of space around them for ventilation.

Like your air conditioning, your fridges shouldn’t be set any colder than necessary. Going below 11°C costs up to 10 percent more in energy for every extra degree. A well-stocked compartment uses less energy than one that’s half-empty.


Energy-efficient lighting

Your pub needs to be well-lit for atmosphere and for safety, but keeping all those lights on runs up the electricity meter.

Making the most of natural daylight will reduce these costs significantly (during the day, at least). Fit blinds rather than curtains to give you more precise control over light levels, as well as heat. Organise regular window cleaning to keep light levels consistent.

If you haven’t already replaced your old light bulbs with efficient LED bulbs, this initial investment will set you up for long-term electricity savings. You also won’t have to replace the bulbs nearly as often, as they last 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, 25 times longer than halogens and 10 times longer than fluorescents.


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